WeedStream Stands for an Indivisible America

America is an amazing country that allows for a diversity of people, opinions and attitudes. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights protect the freedom of our citizens to say and do as they please without government interference. WeedStream supports all human rights, civil rights and freedom of speech and choice.

Our democracy and the rights of American citizens are now under a concerted and serious attack from the very branches of government that are supposed to protect us from them. WeedStream believes that all three branches of government…Legislative, Judicial and Executive…should protect our rights and not infringe upon them. The longest running democracy in the world is now under threat by a President who ignores the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and who lies, bullies and degrades the people who most need our government’s help. Let’s not forget that our President is a self-described sexual assaulter of women. American democracy is also under attack by Congress and the Supreme Court, both of which seem hell-bent on returning America to a lily white 1955.

WeedStream encourages all Americans to understand YOUR Constitution and Bill of Rights, and urge you to read them today.  Understand your rights and do not allow your government to undermine your rights.  Facts, science and universally-understood academic principles should not be under attack by our own government.  WeedStream will do our part to communicate to our community and urge rapid response to let our government officials know where you stand.  We’re now entering an era where “Resist,” “Indivisible” and “Not My President” are now part of our cultural lexicon as millions of Americans take to the streets to peaceably protest against actions by the U.S. government against its own citizens and our rights.

WeedStream promises to be a voice for this resistance movement, and to lead and follow at the same time.  “Together we stand.  Divided we fall.”

Please stay tuned as we will be rolling out ways you can get involved in a positive way! In the meantime, check out the below:


Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda