WeedMZ: Keefer Reviews Lumineers at Fiddlers Green

The Lumineers have come along way from the days of playing open mic nights at the Meadowlark. They now have 2 LPs that have sold in the millions and world wide sold out concerts. Sunday was the final night of the Cleopatra tour, one that saw them travel the globe and become tour mates with U2 and Tom Petty.

Not bad.

A nice thing about seeing a band with only 2 records filled with short songs is that you’ll hear just about everything. The concert started strong with Submarines. Cleopatra, Classy Girls, Flowers In Your Hair followed. In a  nod to their Meadowlark/house party playing past, the band climbed an elevated platform in the middle of Fiddlers for a set of stripped down songs including the earworm, Ho Hey.

On record the Lumineers are wonderfully sparce and underproduced. Live they are  fleshed out with a couple of multi instrumentalists, the sound is fuller and easily fills the larger theaters and stadiums they now play.

Singer Wesley Shultz is a very affable front man. He was gracious and humble through out the night about the warmth from the crowd and his adopted home town. He shared  stories behind the songs, Charlie Boy was about an uncle who went to war and not coming back. Dead Sea inspired by a comment his wife made during a long distance on tour phone call,

Like the dead sea
You told me I was like the dead sea
You’ll never sink when you are with me
Oh, lord, I’m your dead sea

Even getting politcal during The Big Parade…Here comes the candidate, he’s from real estate, I didn’t vote for him…

They also covered Tom Petty’s Walls, from the soundtrack, She’s The One.

Despite a near capacity crowd in the 18,000 seat Fiddler’s Green (Friday and Saturday were sell outs), the band made the evening seem like the fianl hours of summer camp, part hootenany, part sing along. A perfect respite from a toxic political world, North Korea, etc, at least for one night.