WEEDMD: Surprising Health Benefits of Marijuana


In our society, marijuana has been long considered the demon seed that leads to drug addiction. However, several progressive states are beginning to acknowledge the growing number of scientifically proven health benefits of cannabis.  As of December 2016, there are 28 states that have passed legislation to approve medical distribution. Possession rules differ per state and can range anywhere from cultivating seedlings and plants to a 30-day supply of non-smokable marijuana.  As diverse as the laws may be, legalization has given rise to a new market of marijuana events to sell their products. While many are aware of the commonly known medical applications of cannabis, such as glaucoma and nausea, there are many additional benefits that are little known to most people.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Typical characteristics of Alzheimer’s Disease are neural swelling, oxidative damage as well as dysfunction within the neurons. Recent studies have revealed that the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can minimally reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.   THC is a proven antioxidant to protect cells against oxidative stress. More strikingly, the human brain has cannabinoid receptors on the neural cell membrane that reacts to THC by reducing cellular inflammation.

Arthritis Pain Relief

The cannabinoid receptors previously mentioned, are not only located in the brain but throughout the human body. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of THC is known to provide invaluable pain relief to the millions of people suffering from arthritis. Another chemical found in marijuana is cannabidiol (CBD) which is similar to THC but lacks the psychoactive affects. CBD also encompasses anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore, beneficial to reduce swelling joints. There are cannabis based creams and ointments available at many marijuana events to help sufferers attain a higher quality of life.

Muscle Spasm Relief

Muscle spasms not only cause pain but can also be responsible for long term muscle or neuro fiber damage. Evidence reveals that the chemical properties of marijuana have the remarkable ability to regulate excitatory and inhibitory neurons responsible for muscle spasms and twitches. Findings of this magnitude can be applied to treat a multitude of conditions. Doctors are already prescribing cannabis to people who suffer from epilepsy. Imagine the possibilities for somebody afflicted by Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease.

While these are just 3 applications that highlight the beneficial use of marijuana, there are hundreds more online to be considered. With the increasingly liberal opinion of cannabis, we are beginning to see a deluge of studies to discover the wide range of positive effects that THC and CBD has on the human body. In light of these benefits as well as legalization, there are a growing number of marijuana events available to the public. There are meet and greets socials, educational seminars and even swap meets of sort.

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