WeedMD: How Cannabis Impacts Skin Quality

From arthritis to mental health issues, marijuana has been cited as an effective treatment for a wide range of diseases and disorders. Few users, however, understand how extensively Colorado marijuana can impact the health and appearance of skin. The way cannabis affects skin largely depends on how it is used, with some individuals enjoying marked improvements in skin quality and others suffering breakouts due to frequent use of marijuana. Keep reading to learn how and why cannabis is rapidly becoming a preferred solution for those battling wrinkles and fine lines.


THC and CBD as Anti-Inflammatory Agents

The anti-inflammatory properties that make THC and CBD so promising for arthritis patients may also make them viable solutions for certain skin problems. For this reason, many people apply products infused with THC, CBD, and a variety of other cannabinoids directly to their skin. These products are believed to engage cannabinoid receptors and enact an anti-inflammatory response. Proponents of cannabis creams use them to treat blemishes and to reverse fine lines and other signs of aging.

The Role of Stress

Experts at the National Institutes of Health claim that stress relief is among the most common self-reported reasons for cannabis usage. Because stress is linked to acne and a whole host of other problematic skin conditions, marijuana could potentially relieve these problems simply by reducing stress. This may not be a viable solution for all, but those who experience major breakouts in response to elevated stress may benefit from the moderate use of marijuana.


When Does Marijuana Harm Skin?

Although cannabis can potentially improve skin quality, it also can harm skin, depending on the method of delivery. As with smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana can lead to the deterioration of collagen. This damage can largely be avoided through use of vapors, water pipes, and other delivery methods that do not involve smoke. Those prone to oiliness and acne should also use caution, as THC can increase testosterone, which, in turn, may cause breakouts in acne-prone individuals. Testosterone increases are not extensive, however, and therefore should not be a significant problem for most marijuana users.


Additional research on the relationship between cannabis and skin is still needed, but THC and CBD are not necessarily harmful for cannabis users — and in some contexts, they may actually improve skin quality. Cannabis creams and other products could be key to a softer, younger looking face and a swift reduction in blemishes.