What’s a WeedStreamer?  Can I smoke it?

No, but you can sit, enjoy great music and get high in it!  The WeedStreamer is a newly-renovated 1974 31 foot Airstream trailer that is now tricked out as a cannabis-friendly promotion and high tech entertainment vehicle.  Renovation was done by a team of war veterans.  Local street artist Patrick McGirr provided the outside art.

WeedStream CEO Mike Henry said, “The WeedStreamer is one-of-a-kind promotional vehicle for the legalized marijuana culture in Colorado.  It will be seen and used at local concerts, festivals, dispensaries and industry events.  The WeedStreamer is now the collective property of the cannabis culture that we belong to and all the people who will enjoy it for years to come.”


What Planet Did the WeedStreamer Come From?

What happens when you take a beat up old Airstream trailer and turn it into a hippy dippy, weed-friendly spaceship from planet Colorado?  We’re about to find out.  Actually, we’ve already found out a few things, like what happens when people go inside (they light up), and what happens when the police are watching three feet away by the front door (they ask questions).  For evidence, click here for a funny video that begs the question, “Did that really just happen on South Broadway?”  There’s nothing like avoiding arrest on the WeedStreamer’s first day on the streets of Denver, just like there’s nothing anything any of us have ever seen before in this new Americana.

Right after the 420 celebrations this year, we plunked down a few thousand dollars for a 1974 31 foot Airstream trailer that we envisioned would be a cool promotional vehicle for WeedStream.  We had no idea what we were doing, and still don’t.  But along the way, there were weed dreamers who made it happen.

First, an angel named Chris Denton appeared from the heavens where old Airstream trailers go to die and brought our old silver lady back to life.  Much to our karmic delight, he and his band of merry war veterans, including Jolly Bloom and Jeff Mitchell, didn’t just renovate our trailer, they adopted it.  Their great ideas and suggestions quickly gave them carte blanche to “just do it.”  Having started WeedStream to shine a positive light on the benefits of marijuana on society, including the medical benefits for returning soldiers, this was more than a stroke of luck, it was fate that re-affirmed why we’re doing this in the first place.

Along the way, there were many who helped in their own ways.  My friend Michael Fischer just started calling it “weedstreamer” one day in conversation, and it stuck as the name.  My friend Justin Moss from the Pineapple Agency shared all his wisdom from producing high end promo vehicles to help us find our way, and he introduced others who helped, as well.  My brother Grant gave us a creative vision for making the WeedStreamer a piece of street art on the outside with a sleek, simple and retro inside.  A local street artist, Patrick McGirr, created the beautiful art that now adorns the trademark silver aluminum of our Airstream.  My daughter Michelle worked with Patrick to design the outside and she also was the interior decorator.  My son Boone did and does all the dirty work that no one else wants to do or notices.  Sandy spent days upon days at the DMV trying to make the antique road legal and kept us all organized, as usual.  Along the way, Dino Ianni and I broke our piggy banks and every member on team WeedStream contributed to a true team effort.

I’m sure there are others who dreamed with us that I’ve neglected to mention.  We’ll see where she takes all of us, but I’m guessing it will be somewhere we’ve never dreamed of going before.

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I Want My WeedStreamer!

The WeedStreamer is a mobile entertainment center – a customized Airstream trailer – artfully decorated and featuring state of the art audio and video systems.  The WeedStreamer promotion vehicle is a natural crowd attraction wherever it is featured. The WeedStreamer opens the doors to a variety of exciting on-site opportunities: live events from your business, VIP promotional events, live music, marijuana product-testing, contests and experiential marketing events that generate memorable results. Please contact business@WeedStream.net if you’re interested in having The WeedStreamer at your business, festival, event, or private function.