POTITICS: Why the Recent Election is Good News for Marijuana Event Fans


The recent successful votes for recreational marijuana in several states this fall means that 20 percent of the country now lives in a pot-friendly state. Even better, a growing number of states have joined the list where some forms of pot can be used for medicinal needs.

What a time to party!

This potentially means that more people in more states can now enjoy creating or attending marijuana events without fear of arrest. There are still some restrictions to follow in even the ‘legal’ states, such as a general ban on people under 21 having access to marijuana and use of it in public settings. Law enforcement in each state may also come up with new or different criteria for how much people need to ingest before they are legally intoxicated behind the wheel.

But if people are organizing or are invited to a private celebration, and are age 21 or older, they should feel free to  imbibe. People who are already familiar with marijuana and cannabis products from knowledge from other states or from its underground days are happy to educate newcomers about the terminology, usefulness and general do’s and don’ts.

For instance, the common view is pot should only be smoked. But as more and more people learn about its applications, they’re finding more and more ways to enjoy it, such as putting it in food or drinks. These options are great for people who may not want to smoke anything, from pot to nicotine. There are also lotions and tinctures which provide benefits of pot without some of the mental ‘highs.’

Marijuana events can let people see or sample some of the different types. Or they can be simply to celebrate the efforts that got the population of a state to collect enough signatures to get an initiative on the ballot, and get a majority of people to vote for it.

These successful initiatives were a long time coming, especially since 20 or so years ago, there was much less social acceptance of marijuana. It was commonly seen as a street drug with no social value that could corrupt people, lead to other drugs, and ruin lives.

Though more research is needed on the physical effects, a growing number of people seem interested in exploring its potential for individual use and possible positive health benefits, along with substantial tax revenue for state tax treasuries if it’s regulated.