WeedStream launched in January 2014 with a mission to promote the positive benefits of legalization on society, government and culture.  WeedStream uses music and entertainment to shine a light on how legal medicinal and recreational use of cannabis improves our health care and justice systems and the lives of millions of users.  Norml was formed in 1970 and today it still reigns as America’s original and greatest champion of the legalization movement.  We value the ongoing regulatory updates and fundamental information provided by Norml, as well as their desire to motivate people to “do something about it” on local levels.  WeedStream urges you to support Norml, and to also get involved in your local Norml chapter.

Click here for the Denver Norml chapter.

Click here for the national Norml website.

Click here for information regarding marijuana legislations.

Click here for information on how to interact with legislators, best practices of interacting with government officials and strategies to be effective at delivering messages to promote the marijuana legalization agenda.

Listen to WeedStream & NORML’s podcast ‘A NORML Week in America’