GanjAmerica: Top 3 Reasons to Attend Marijuana Events


With the recent sweep of nationwide acceptance concerning recreational and medical marijuana, it is important for the general public to be as educated as possible regarding the benefits that arise from attending the numerous community events that are now organized around celebrating the legalization of the drug.

It is also important to understand its benefits and to deepen one’s knowledge so that one can begin to peel back the discriminatory layers and societal prejudice that have served to demonize the weed for so long.

3 Benefits of Going to Organized Marijuana Events: Friendly, Educational, Diverse

1) A Friendly Networking Atmosphere

One of the key benefits of going to marijuana events is that they foster an agreeably laid back and casual atmosphere. Unlike other networking events, where people gather to network or share common interests while assuming the utmost formality of manner and dress, marijuana communities attract people who are personable, friendly, and approachable.

They are a great event to attend for those who desire to attend a gathering that doesn’t feel much like working insomuch as it feels like one is meeting with friends to share common interests. Whether attendees are there for recreational purposes or to learn more about medical cannabis, these events tend to foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

2) Educational environment for both amateurs and seasoned users

There are also a variety of events offered for those who wish to learn more about growing, selling, or using marijuana. This includes activities such as the CannaGrow Expo, which takes place in Portland, Oregon. It is designed to educate those who are interested in learning the science and art of growing cannabis. In addition to featuring cannabis experts and speakers, this festivity also offers a diversity of marijuana products and businesses.

3) An experience of diversity

The legalization of marijuana has sparked ingenious methods of creativity as far as sharing and networking. Far from simply featuring tables of plants with vendors, marijuana events have gone above and beyond in terms of engaging users and attendees. Some of the most notable weed events that were featured this year include but are not limited to:

  • Emerald Cup: This event was originally an outdoor activity that featured medical weed news and products. It has since become a global movement and each year, the best growers are presented with hand-blown glass art;
  • Pot Luck Expo: This San Diego networking event is based around medical marijuana and allows caregivers and patients to mingle. It includes live music, DJs, food trucks, art exhibits, and presentations; and
  • Much more.

With the continuing acceptance of marijuana, there promises to be even more diverse events in the future.

Marijuana: Promoting Friendships and Fostering Community

Regardless of the controversy surrounding marijuana, events centralized around the weed do not give any indication of melting into obscurity any time soon. They continue to grow, form strong community bonds, and foster friendships between a diversity of people.


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