GanjAmerica: The Difference Between Spoon Pipes and Chillum Pipes


Spoon pipes and chillum pipes are two of the most popular types of glass pipe. At many marijuana events, consumers will see both types of pipe for sale — but they may not know the differences between them. Spoon pipes and chillum pipes are both elongated glass pipes, but the operation of each is quite different.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are the type of pipe that most consumers are familiar with. Constructed out of hollow glass, a spoon pipe fills completely with smoke. Once the pipe has filled with smoke, the carb is released and the smoke is inhaled. The hollow glass and carb are designed to make the hit smoother. Compared to a chillum, the process of smoking out of a spoon pipe may be slightly more complex.

Spoon pipes may be more difficult to clean than chillum pipes because of their construction. They also tend to be more fragile because they are usually made of fairly thin glass. Nevertheless, they are commonly used because they are extremely versatile and deliver a potent hit.

Chillum Pipes

Chillum pipes are a thin glass tube which ends at a horizontal, rather than vertical, bowl. A chillum pipe is packed with enough marijuana for multiple people, though it can be used by a single individual. Sometimes a stone is used within the chillum to ensure that the ash doesn’t flow down the pipe. A traditional screen can also be used. Like spoon pipes, chillums come in a variety of colors and designs.

Operationally, chillum pipes operate much like a cigarette once they are loaded. Chillum pipes are lit from the end and then dragged on: there is no carb that has to be held. Because of this, chillum pipes are often considered to be faster and more straightforward. They can also be ideal for new smokers who haven’t yet familiarized themselves with spoon pipes.

Many marijuana smokers use both spoon pipes and chillum pipes depending on the type of smoke that they desire. In general, spoon pipes tend to be more popular but most believe that chillum pipes hit harder. For some, chillum pipes may be easier to use.