GanjAmerica: Plan Your Next Trip with These 5 Vapes

Looking for a “private” way to vape in public? These 5 vapes will do the trick!

Between work, bills, and other adult responsibilities, there comes a point when taking a break is inevitable. You need this time to de-stress, relax, and enjoy yourself before you throw yourself back in; what better way to enjoy your relaxation than with a little buzz. You can enjoy the scenery, the sun, and the food all while getting your fix (which makes things that much better anyway). However, there is one small problem:

How are you going to vape while you go and enjoy the sites during your vacation? Simple. Grab one of your favorite, discreet vapes and hit the sights, dine, and enjoy the good life. Find the best vaporizer for dry herb or vape pen for wax with The Vape Guide’s thoughtful best list series. The vape pens for wax in this article cover a few that are especially great for taking on the go.

1. SourceVapes Slim 4

Looking for a durable vape that stores extra dab for when you need it? The SourceVapes Slim 4 will do the trick!

Planning on using the hell out of your vape pen? The SourceVapes Slim 4 can stand up to anything you throw at it and more. This highly durable vape pen carries a pretty serious build quality and the mechanisms that make it tick are just as durable. With a plethora of atomizer options and a variable airflow system, you can customize your draw resistance, vapor quality, and cloud production to your heart’s content. This vape is perfect for taking on the go and it’s compact too. A stand out feature is the deep chamber that lets you pop a glob of wax in, and vape for a while without adding more.

2. HoneyStick Beekeeper

With pre-filled cartridges, this vape is a no-mess, no-fussy addition that is a must have!

The last thing anyone wants to deal with while out and about is to mess around loading up your vape pen. It can get sticky and this can draw some unwanted attention that you don’t want while enjoying your trip. That is where the HoneyStick Beekeeper comes in. It comes equipped with pre-filled cartridges that magnetically connect to the base. It is super simple and doesn’t require you to fill them up. As well, it is very lightweight, compact enough to stick in your purse or pocket, and its vapor quality is outstanding for its price.

3. V2 Pro Series 7

Like a little variety? The V2 can switch between 3 different substances for your vaping pleasure.

Looking for something that uses something other than concentrates? The V2 Pro Series 7 is just the thing you need to accentuate your vacation needs. It can use e-liquids, bud, and concentrates, making for a pretty exciting trip. It comes with interchangeable chambers for each one so switching between them is easy and simple. It can get boring just using your sticky THC so instead, spice it up and take your bud with you for this one. It is, as well, good for a private vape session and compact enough for simple stowing-away once you finish.

4. KandyPens A$AP Rocky Vape Pen

Need some a little more high-quality? This vape pen screams luxury and others will love it too.

Some of us like the finer things in life and want to invest in only the best products. The KandyPens A$AP Rocky fits the bill with a stunning wood finish and just as stunning accessories. It comes as no surprise considering it was created by rapper A$AP Rocky who clearly has the same ideals. It is compatible with all concentrates including dab and shatter and can even be used with pre-filled cartridges. This is useful for stress-free loading in a pinch and for a more relaxed session to load up on your favorite dab.

5. PAX 3

The PAX 3 holds its reputation as the “Apple of Vaporizers” and for good reason too.

Last but not least, we have the PAX 3. Great for dual use with dry herb and concentrate and beautifully built as well. It is smart, intuitive, and compact enough to slip in your luggage when heading for that long-awaited cruise or flight. It is relatively easy to use with interchangeable chambers and can link up with your smartphone to truly customize your vaping experience. It has superb vapor quality and reigns supreme above others in the vape pen segment. While it is known primarily as a dry herb vape, it does its due diligence with your dab as well.

Take Your Pick

All of these vapes must seem rather appealing but there isn’t one that is the right choice. It depends on your skill level, what your preferences are, and your budget. It would be wise to do some careful research prior to choosing your vape and making sure that the one you choose will be the one you fall in love with. While all of the entries are great for packing up on your next vaca, it is up to you to decide which one will be the winner.

Guest post by Marisa Timko