GanjAmerica, Opinion Piece: Don’t Go To The Rescheduled 420 Rally

Tomorrow is the rescheduled 4/20 rally and I am asking you not to go! Please! As a pot smoker and citizen of Colorado…please don’t go! What is the rally for? Is it the legalization of marijuana medically and recreationally?…we already won that fight! Is it the fighting of the stigma that comes with being a pot smoker?…that never existed in Colorado. Is it to change the stereotype of the dopey stoner?…getting together in a large group and breaking the law seems pretty dopey to me and probably just will reinforce the stereotype!
Don’t go to a rally that doesn’t have a cause; it’s bad form. We won! It’s bad sportsmanship at the minimum and at the extreme it’s flaunting the few remaining marijuana laws Colorado has! That is how this whole thing will come crashing down. They people of Colorado voted for it and the lawmakers signed it and the Great Marijuana Experiment started. They let us take the lead on an something that has become a big issue in the battle for personal rights and we are screwing it up! We are not the stewards of this movement that we should be; instead we glorify the idiot stoner and brag about how baked we got.
People are going to show up tomorrow and create a huge smoke cloud that will be on the news for days. There have been shootings, assaults, thefts, and more at the rally and that certainly doesn’t make us look like responsible adults using a drug responsibly. The majority of marijuana users are not the type to show up to this rally but the ones that do go end up becoming the face and voice of the movement. It’s not the business man or someone with an illness that go, it’s the people who want to party and listen to music and be with friends. You can do all of those at your home and not break the law while doing it! Sure you won’t get to see Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa but you won’t be doing a movement harm and threatening the status you helped create. The citizens of Colorado should be proud of themselves for not being afraid of change and not being afraid to do something that had never been done before…we were first…we changed things! We need to take care of the gift we were given and make it so other states look at us and say “they got it right; that’s the way we will do it!”; we have the chance to change things everywhere and we are being irresponsible about that chance. Please don’t go, please don’t break the law by smoking in public, please don’t ruin this for the rest of us.