GanjAmerica: Marijuana Events Increasing as More States Legalize Recreational Usage


With more and more states legalizing the use and distribution of cannabis, marijuana events are quickly becoming fixtures on the cultural landscapes of these areas. The cannabis industry is booming, creating healthy tax revenues for states that have legalized it as well as given rise to a number of satellite industries such as cannabis events. These events range from fun, social gatherings such as concerts to serious, educational discussions designed for medical professionals and many things in between.

Cannabis has been making a serious splash on the culinary scene in many areas, with events dedicated to showcases tasty creations crafted with cannabis becoming increasingly popular. Desserts in particular seem to do well when cannabis oil or butter is used in the ingredients, but cooks are becoming increasingly creative. Pasta dishes infused with cannabis butter, for instance, are a favorite among many edible marijuana connoisseurs. As time goes by, chefs will undoubtedly develop an entirely new culinary genre revolving around cannabis. It is already possible to book dinners in some areas where cannabis-infused food items make up the highlights of the menu.

The city of Denver is hosting the first ever cannabis wedding expo this summer. It will feature floral displays, including wedding altar flowers and bridal bouquets, that include marijuana flowers and leaves in the arrangements. Sculptures and other works of art created using cannabis will also be on display, and of course, culinary cannabis will figure prominently at this event. Wedding cakes decorated with cannabis leaves and flowers that were made using cannabis butter as well as cupcakes and other edibles will be featured.

Marijuana enthusiasts also recently had the option of attending the first annual Marijuana Business Conference in the state of Oregon this year.  Geared towards fledgling entrepreneurs, the conference hosting workshops and symposiums for the purpose of providing information for those interested in beginning a cannabis-based business.

Probably one of the favorite events of those engaged in cannabis culture is the series of open air concerts performed sponsored by the Colorado Symphony. Participants can partake of their favorite marijuana product and listen to sublime music under the starry summer skies.

Marijuana themed events will undoubtedly continue to evolve in future years as more and more entrepreneurs find creative and fun ways to engage with this cultural trend.