GanjAmerica: Looking Back on the Five Best Marijuana Events of 2016


It would seem as though recent years have largely progressed when it comes to accepting and embracing the recreational use of cannabis. Indeed, this can be evidenced by the growing number of marijuana events in Colorado and the rest of the country. In case any of them were missed, here is a list detailing the best marijuana events the country had to offer in 2016. Here’s to many more fruitful, immersive cannabis celebrations to come.

High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup

The 2016 High Times SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup was held in San Bernardino, California, over two weekends in 2016 — from January 30-31 and February 5-7. The event centered around all things pertaining to cannabis; from its various strains, to the several ways in which it can be ingested. The entire event was moderated in accordance with California marijuana laws, which meant that consumption on site required a doctor’s recommendation or recognized medical marijuana card. However, attendance did not necessarily require consumption, a fact that was left to subjective interpretation.

Boise Hempfest

The Boise Hempfest was held in Boise, Idaho, on April 23, 2016 (three days after the faithful ‘4-20’). The event centered entirely around cannabis education — aiming to introduce a new mindset to cannabis, particularly in regard to Idaho residents on the far right side of marijuana legalization — and featured cannabis friendly entertainment.

Seattle Hempfest

Hempfests had a sensational run across the country in 2016, and Seattle was no exception. The Seattle Hempfest was hosted from August 19-21 of this year. Despite the huge recent surge in hempfests, this was by no means Seattle’s first rodeo — in fact, the 2016 Seattle Hempfest celebrated the festival’s 25th anniversary. Another educational event, the Seattle Hempfest aims to inform celebrants of the myriad of applications that the plant has, as well as what total marijuana legalization would imply.

Boston Freedom Rally

The 2016 Boston Freedom Rally marked the 27th anniversary of the event. Historically, the Boston Freedom Rally centers on an intent to end prohibition and inform the public on cannabis so that the masses will be in the position to make their own decisions. The event hosted speakers, vendors, bands, and more, and welcomed everyone to the event regardless of recreational preferences.

The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference

The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference was held on April 24, 2016 and focused primarily on offering a networking opportunity for those looking to invest in the growing marijuana industry. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has begun accepting applications for those looking to enter into marijuana commerce, and the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference was the starting point for entrepreneurs to gain all the information they need.

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