GanjAmerica: Legal Issues Related to Marijuana Events

Marijuana Cannot Be Directly Interacted With

Marijuana can be present at marijuana-related events in legal states. However, visitors to the event are not allowed to interact with marijuana provided by events; they cannot be allowed to touch or use the marijuana directly. Thus, vendors may be able to show their wares at a marijuana event, including a variety of strains. Marijuana events can also include “contests,” which involve the analysis of new strains. In areas in which legalization has not yet been passed, marijuana products cannot be viewed at all — the only exception may be if law enforcement is directly involved.

Marijuana Paraphernalia May Not Be Illegal

In legal states, it’s entirely legal to sell marijuana paraphernalia, such as bongs, pipes, and silicon jars for concentrates. These items can be sold by any vendors at an event, not just those who have a marijuana dispensary license. In illegal states, however, paraphernalia may be in a gray area. While vendors from local paraphernalia shops may want to establish a presence at an event, selling goods at the event itself may be enough to indicate that the paraphernalia will be used for illegal usage. This could be enough to get the goods confiscated.

Marijuana Sales Are Not Legal Outside of a Dispensary

Dispensaries cannot sell marijuana at events even if they have a license to do so. Marijuana sales in legal states presently need to be completed inside of the shop registered to sell it. Thus, even though a legal state may be able to host a marijuana event with marijuana at it, no sales of product can be completed. Dispensaries can, however, freely invite potential clients to their shop.

Many legislators are hoping to broaden the scope of marijuana events within legal states, so that marijuana can be sold. Legalization itself is becoming more popular across the nation. Nevertheless, hosts of marijuana events should invest in legal counsel to ensure that everything follows their local laws and ordinances.