GanjAmerica: How Cannabis Is Changing the Wedding Industry


Once relegated to basements, marijuana use is more out in the open than ever.  People are eager to attend marijuana events and throw their own parties in which cannabis plays a central role.

For couples who first bonded over their shared fondness of cannabis, there is no better way to start a life together than with a wedding ceremony and reception featuring marijuana. From hemp wedding gowns to open cannabis bars, the possibilities are endless. The following are just a few of the many ways in which brides and grooms have managed to incorporate cannabis into their nuptials:

Cannabis Bars

Those who wed in states with legalized recreational marijuana have the opportunity to either replace or complement standard bars that serve alcoholic beverages with cannabis bars. These are run by experienced budtenders, who know exactly what it takes to craft an enjoyable cannabis experience for all. Wedding-based cannabis bars offer a wide array of strains and pipes, resulting in a unique and very memorable reception experience.

Wedding Cake and Desserts

Marijuana can be incorporated into a wide range of edible products, so why not include it in wedding cake? This is not a great option for all nuptials, but couples with small wedding parties that favor cannabis view it as a great alternative to the standard wedding cake. Other couples prefer to stick with traditional wedding cakes, while also serving clearly marked cannabis edibles such as cookies.

Cannabis-Inspired Decor

Cannabis and hemp can easily be incorporated into wedding decor to create a uniquely earthy look. Some brides actually include marijuana in their bouquets and floral centerpieces. Others use hemp linens, which are both attractive and eco-friendly. The range of options is extensive, with weed-inspired decor available as casual or as formal as brides and grooms wish.

Marijuana Favors

Choosing favors for wedding guests is always a struggle. For smaller weddings in weed-friendly communities, some couples have taken to offering guests joints. Others prefer more family-friendly favors such as linen products made from hemp.

Marijuana is rarely the central tenet of weddings, even in states in which recreational use is legal. However, brides and grooms have managed to find many subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways to include cannabis in their big day. As more states legalize recreational marijuana, the wedding industry can expect a significant shakeup and a refreshing change from the typical wedding champagne and cigars.