GanjAmerica: Hemp Harvest Parties for Promotions and Networking


Apart from traditional marijuana events, many states such as Colorado are now throwing “hemp harvest parties.” Hemp harvest parties are both recreational and political in nature, aimed at celebrating the hemp harvest and connecting directly with the community. These parties can be an excellent place for cross-promotions and networking.

Hemp and CBD Products

Hemp harvest parties are particularly useful for the education and selling of CBD products. CBD products are legal in most areas in which hemp is legal, as CBD is not a controlled substance. From lotions to dietary supplements, CBD is often recommended for a variety of ailments (though it does not yet have FDA approval for the treatment of medical issues). Naturally, these locations are also good places for hemp products, such as shampoos.

Polling and Petitions

Because hemp harvest parties draw in many people who are interested in marijuana and hemp-related causes, it can  be an excellent place for political networking. Polls and petitions can be run by those who have concerns regarding the hemp or marijuana industry. Political campaigns that have a hemp-friendly or marijuana-friendly platform can also consider maintaining a presence in these areas.

Media Services

There are many magazines and media services that reside within the cannabis and hemp niche. Websites, podcasts, radio shows, and even television shows can easily find an audience through these niche events. Those who are holding other marijuana-related or hemp-related events may also want to consider cross promotions, discounts, giveaways, and general awareness.

Trade Goods and Farmer’s Markets

Finally, a hemp harvest can also be an excellent place to maintain a presence for those that have homemade goods or who regularly attend farmer’s markets. Hemp harvesting is more a community garden than anything, bringing together many individuals who enjoy growing and creating. Because of this, the audience is very likely to be susceptible to homemade goods such as soaps, even if they are not directly developed with the use of either hemp or cannabis.

Though hemp harvest parties are particularly common in areas that have legalized marijuana, they are legal in many other states. Because of this, hemp harvest parties can also be used for political outreach in areas that have not achieved decriminalization or legalization, though the local laws will still need to be consulted.