GanjAmerica: Getting Involved in the Marijuana Community

The marijuana community welcomes newcomers with open arms, as it is always looking for new people to help spread the word on the positive benefits, educate others, and help advocate. When someone wants to get involved in the community there are lots of ways to meet people and become part of the group. Any willing and eager person who shares the common goals as the rest of the community is encouraged to get involved. For people who are currently on the outside of the scene and want to get into in the local culture, these are some ways to become part of the movement:

  • Visit the local shop – Newcomers should become familiar with their local dispensary and get to know their products, the upcoming events they are planning, and how they are involved in the movement. Working in the store is an ideal way to find out everything an individual needs to know about selling recreational and medicinal cannabis. If a person isn’t looking for a job, they can still get involved with the local shop. Starting at a grassroots level with a local business is a great place to start when looking to join the community.
  • Get to know people – Meeting key people who are involved in the local cannabis culture is one of the best ways to join the community. Spending time in the dispensaries and attending events is a great way to get to know other people who share the same interests. Socializing is a great way to build a network of new friends who are involved in the local scene and building relationships will help an interested individual to get invites to the latest happenings around town.
  • Attend sponsored concerts, marijuana events and meetups – The cannabis culture is heavily associated with music so there are many concerts that an individual can attend as a way to meet other people and enjoy the local scene in a fun and positive way. There are many meetups and gatherings that happen, and becoming a regular attendee is one of the best ways to become part of the community.
  • Get involved in advocacy and political projects – The cannabis community is constantly working to bring awareness about the laws, the economy of the industry, and working to advocate for individuals who are caught in legal battles. The more people that are involved, the stronger the message that the community sends to lawmakers, so newcomers are always welcome to get involved and add their voice to the initiatives of the industry.
  • Add support as a volunteer – There are always opportunities to volunteer and lend a hand at concerts, rallies, and cannabis gatherings and this is one of the best ways to become part of the community. Volunteers are always needed so signing up a lending a hand where needed will give newcomers the inside edge on the inner workings of the marijuana culture.


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