GanjAmerica: 5 States That May be Legalizing Marijuana in the Near Future


Ever since Colorado legalized the personal use of marijuana in 2012, the marijuana subculture of the nation has been steadily building up momentum, eventually reaching the present point, where widespread marijuana legalization seems to be imminent. While the world may be some ways away from total, global legalization, there are concrete signs that the first few steps are being taken in several states across the USA.

  1. Nevada

Nevada legalized medical marijuana in 2000, and a recreational legalization for the substance might be looming over the horizon. Legalization of marijuana in Nevada would mean that the recreational of use of one ounce of marijuana as well as an eighth of an ounce or less of marijuana containing concentrated levels of THC legal for citizens age 21 or older. Stores, distributors, and manufacturers would be allowed by law to establish a shop in any part of the state. Additionally, the law would give people the option to grow up to six marijuana plants for personal use, provided the plants be in an enclosed area with a reliable locking mechanism.

  1. Arizona

According to some polls, marijuana legalization in Arizona is a close battle. With medical marijuana, already being legal in Arizona since 1996, the bridge to recreational legality is already built. Marijuana legalization in Arizona would mean the creation of a Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control that would take care of testing and regulating the product, as well as overseeing sales.

  1. Maine

Medical marijuana use in Maine has been legal since 1999, though repeated attempts for recreational legalization have not proven fruitful. However, that all might come to change. Marijuana legalization in Maine would imply that everyone age 21 or older will be able to use marijuana legally, in a private residence or un-public space. A 10% sales tax would be put on the drug by the state, which will allow retail groups and social clubs to distribute it.

  1. Massachusetts

Marijuana has been on a steady path to full legalization in Massachusetts in recent years, starting with a 2008 ballot measure replacing criminal sentences with civil ones in cases of adults possessing an ounce of marijuana or less. A recreational use measure in the state would lead to legalization of the drug, allowing the commonwealth of Massachusetts to regulate and tax its use in a manner similar to how alcohol is handled.

  1. California

California is “the big one” on this list — the country’s most populous state and the world’s sixth-biggest economy. California is known as the very first state to make medical marijuana legal back in 1996. Marijuana legalization in California would mean that citizens aged 21 or older would have the legal option of using the drug recreationally, while the state would enforce a 15% sales tax as well as a tax on cultivation. Surely, cannabis enthusiasts can expect many marijuana events to come in the sunshine state.


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