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WeedMD: 9 Health Benefits of Weed That Nobody Talks About

       9 Health Benefits of Weed That Nobody Talks About The marijuana legalization debate is sweeping the country. Currently, marijuana is legal in some form...

WeedMD: Invisible Illness

Ask questions to sick people, listen to their answers, and spread awareness for invisible illnesses.

WeedMD: How Cannabis Impacts Skin Quality

From arthritis to mental health issues, marijuana has been cited as an effective treatment for a wide range of diseases and disorders. Few users,...

WeedMD: CBD And Mental Health

CBD & Mental Health By: Kathy T. Cooley Cannabis is still one of the most controversial and frowned upon topics today. Despite its various benefits to...

WeedMD: Proven and Unproven Applications for Cannabis During Cancer Treatment

There are some ways in which marijuana has been shown to alleviate some symptoms within cancer patients, but there are also some claims that are anecdotal and unproven. Anecdotal claims are not necessarily untrue -- they simply have not yet been studied fully.

WEEDMD: Surprising Health Benefits of Marijuana

In our society, marijuana has been long considered the demon seed that leads to drug addiction. However, several progressive states are beginning to acknowledge...

WeedMD: Unintentional Stoner

There are some things in life that have never fully made sense to me. Like, why some people don’t use their blinkers to switch...

WeedMD: What to Know About Beginning Medical Marijuana Use

When an individual suffers from chronic pain, loss of appetite and nausea from chemotherapy, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis pain, symptoms of HIV, seizures or...

WeedMD: Using Medicinal Marijuana: Important Do’s and Don’ts

For those who have recently been given the "OK" from a doctor to begin using medicinal marijuana, however, there are some important guidelines that still need to be followed to ensure safety and compliance with state laws.
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