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GanjAmerica: How your Community Can Easily Host Pro-pot Events

One of the better messages that a pro-pot community can provide is how cool everyone is and that the residents weren’t wrong to vote it in. At the same time, people interested in the industry may appreciate opportunities to learn more in an informal setting.

GanjAmerica: Top Upcoming Marijuana Events in the U.S.

Whether gathering together to discuss cannabis business opportunities or simply to celebrate life, here are some of the top upcoming events in the U.S.

GanjAmerica: Colorado Marijuana Law Sparks Business Innovation

The legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use caused an explosion in product innovation and business opportunities in Colorado. Once the Colorado marijuana law changed, business started booming.

GanjAmerica: Surprising Marijuana Events

The group calling themselves “Stoner Jesus Bible Study” meets once per week in a coffee shop in Denver to smoke marijuana and discuss the scriptures.

GanjAmerica: Components of a Successful Marijuana Event

A successful marijuana event involves more than just getting a few people together and consuming marijuana.

GanjAmerica: Legalized marijuana and drug testing

The debate continues over drug testing and those who legally use marijuana.

GanjAmerica: The Emerging Field of Marijuana Event Coordination

More career options will be available as the industry grows and evolves.

GanjAmerica: Two Things to Remember about Colorado Marijuana

Here are a couple of tips a person can follow when making a marijuana purchase in Colorado.

GanjAmerica: Differences Between Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids

Attending marijuana events can offer an opportunity to meet new friends and sample a wide range of marijuana strains. The main types can be...

GanjAmerica: The Economic Results of Colorado Marijuana

Although naysayers in Colorado vehemently protested the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use, citing doomsday predictions from rampant lawlessness to the...
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