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The Economics of Legalizing Cannabis

The war on cannabis has been taking place for decades. And this war is not easy. It involves a lot of cost and effort to...

GanjAmerica: How your Community Can Easily Host Pro-pot Events

One of the better messages that a pro-pot community can provide is how cool everyone is and that the residents weren’t wrong to vote it in. At the same time, people interested in the industry may appreciate opportunities to learn more in an informal setting.

GanjAmerica: Top Upcoming Marijuana Events in the U.S.

Whether gathering together to discuss cannabis business opportunities or simply to celebrate life, here are some of the top upcoming events in the U.S.

420 Weekend from a Clear View Mirror

Admittedly, I am one of the least knowledgeable people there is when it comes to marijuana. What kind gets which high? No idea. Are edibles better than smoking? Haven’t a clue. But pot culture? That’s something I’ve experienced firsthand.

GanjAmerica: The Basics of Colorado and Marijuana

  The Basics of Colorado and Marijuana Although more and more states have grown increasingly lenient toward marijuana use in recent years, Colorado was the first...

How to have a Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be hectic. Ease your mind, body and soul by spiking your food with some THC...just make sure you warn Grandma first. THC Turkey...

GanjAmerica: Colorado’s Award-Winning Dispensaries

The following dispensaries have repeatedly dominated the competition, receiving awards for their exclusive Indica, Sativa and hybrid marijuana strains. Industry experts repeatedly rank these providers' products – including the flowers themselves and concentrated byproducts – among the best in the state or country.

GanjAmerica: To Vape or Not to Vape

Vaporizers have gotten incredibly popular in recent years thanks to the building interest in e-cigarettes, but those who have been around the block for a while know that vaporizers have long played a role in cannabis culture.

WeedStream, Huge in Japan.

Our Marketing Director here at WeedStream is fond of saying “We’re Huge in Japan!,” but that doesn’t begin to describe the geographic reach WeedStream has enjoyed since our launch a couple of months ago.

GanjAmerica: The Economic High of Marijuana

With the legalization of medical marijuana in 28 states and thus far, 4 states have decriminalized weed for recreational purposes, we must take a...

GanjAmerica: A Brave New World

Upon my return to Colorado for the first time in a year, particular things became immediately apparent—more traffic, lots more, new construction from Broomfield...
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