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The Economics of Legalizing Cannabis

The war on cannabis has been taking place for decades. And this war is not easy. It involves a lot of cost and effort to...

The Vibration of Growth: Music Does the Plant Good

Music. It surrounds us, it inspires us, it moves us – and it helps your weed plants grow. Before you disregard this as some crazy hippy banter, hear me out.

America’s Next Great Holiday: 420

A walk down Colfax, through Capitol Hill and toward Civic Center Park, is on any day, interesting to say the least. This has been my neighborhood my entire life, so sometimes I’m guilty of taking it for granted, failing to appreciate its personality, its resident characters, its sketchiness and its distinctiveness (it's just not the same since the city shut down the 7-11 on 13th and Pennsylvania though...).

You Know How I Know You’re a Stoner ?

We know you're a stoner...here's why.

Smoke Bob Marley in 2015…new releases coming too!

'Make way for the positive day.'" That's what Bob used to say and soon you might be able to do it with a blend bearing his name. Marley's widow Rita Marley and children Cedella and Rohan have teamed up with Privateer Holdings, a private equity group specializing in the legal marijuana market, to exclusively mass-produce "heirloom Jamaican cannabis strains", the same kind he smoked himself.

Hundreds of ATMs at weed shops in Colorado and Washington unplugged

Before venturing out to your favorite dispensary, better head to the bank first. Shop owners got a warning in January from Meta Bank in South Dakota, that ATM providers with machines in marijuana shops were in violation of federal banking laws.

Westword Music Showcase

Denver’s Westword Music Showcase, held annually in the Golden Triangle district, is always a day of fun, sun, music and celebration. This year had the added bonus of being the first showcase since the legalization of recreational marijuana went into effect in Colorado at the first of the year. And wow, what a difference it made!

Weed Themed Name Coming To South Broadway?

In the 1590's, Shakespeare wrote, "What's in a name?" About 400 years later, noted British real estate tycoon Lord Samuel coined the phrase, " The three things that matter in property: location, location, location". And notated observer of generational shifts, Bob Dylan once opined, "The times they are a changin".

Public Marijuana Consumption Tickets Rise 471%

The next time you think about hitting your vape pen in the bathroom of the Cruise Room or take a hit off a joint outside of the Fillmore, think again.

WeedStream, Huge in Japan.

Our Marketing Director here at WeedStream is fond of saying “We’re Huge in Japan!,” but that doesn’t begin to describe the geographic reach WeedStream has enjoyed since our launch a couple of months ago.

420 Weekend from a Clear View Mirror

Admittedly, I am one of the least knowledgeable people there is when it comes to marijuana. What kind gets which high? No idea. Are edibles better than smoking? Haven’t a clue. But pot culture? That’s something I’ve experienced firsthand.
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