GanjAmerica: The Basics of Colorado and Marijuana

  The Basics of Colorado and Marijuana Although more and more states have grown increasingly lenient toward marijuana use in recent years, Colorado was the first...

Hundreds of ATMs at weed shops in Colorado and Washington unplugged

Before venturing out to your favorite dispensary, better head to the bank first. Shop owners got a warning in January from Meta Bank in South Dakota, that ATM providers with machines in marijuana shops were in violation of federal banking laws.

WeedMZ: A Holiday Music Giving Guide

As the saying goes, "Tis better to give than receive", and we here at the Arts & Entertainment desk generally agree. Of course what...

GanjAmerica: Looking Back on the Five Best Marijuana Events of 2016

It would seem as though recent years have largely progressed when it comes to accepting and embracing the recreational use of cannabis. Indeed, this...

GanjAmerica: How your Community Can Easily Host Pro-pot Events

One of the better messages that a pro-pot community can provide is how cool everyone is and that the residents weren’t wrong to vote it in. At the same time, people interested in the industry may appreciate opportunities to learn more in an informal setting.

WeedMZ: New Festivals and Trade Shows Celebrate Marijuana

High Times creator Steven Hager founded the Cannabis Cup, a harvest festival where marijuana growers show off their best strands, in Amsterdam in 1997. Since then, it has soared in popularity to become the world's most famous and well-known marijuana-related event.

Outed: Celebrities and Marijuana

Colorado is quickly becoming the Napa Valley of marijuana. Still, the nation hasn't quite broken out in Journey's, "Open Arms" for weed...yet. Read on for celebrities who have endorsed the magical plant.

GanjAmerica: Different Factors When Choosing a Bowl for a Water Pipe

Replacement bowls may frequently need to be purchased for water pipes. A water pipe may need a replacement bowl because the prior bowl has...


A Review by Keefer 12.16.16 The Ogden Theater After 18 months on the road, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats came back home for a 2 night...

WeedMZ: A 2016 WeedStream Concert Primer

It's that time a year when concert announcements seem to come on an hourly basis. So many shows. So little room on the credit card. Here's a look at 10.

WeedMD: Invisible Illness

Ask questions to sick people, listen to their answers, and spread awareness for invisible illnesses.
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