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GanjAmerica: The Basics of Colorado and Marijuana

  The Basics of Colorado and Marijuana Although more and more states have grown increasingly lenient toward marijuana use in recent years, Colorado was the first...

The Vibration of Growth: Music Does the Plant Good

Music. It surrounds us, it inspires us, it moves us – and it helps your weed plants grow. Before you disregard this as some crazy hippy banter, hear me out.

Marijuana vs. Alcohol – Unanimous Decision

You have probably seen a few articles and reports circulating the internet detailing the health effects of marijuana when compared to alcohol or other substances such as pharmaceuticals or tobacco. And if you’ve read any of those articles, this will be old news. But the research is overwhelmingly clear that marijuana consumption does far less damage to the body than alcohol or prescription pills.

“Jack White’s band just showed up and the guys from Slightly...

Those are words I won’t soon forget. It was 2:30 am on Sunday morning at Bonnaroo 2014 and I was suffering self-inflicted wounds and sneaking into my tour bus bunk bed (coffin) for the night. The bus door swung open and the words rang out.

Ryan Adams on Medical Marijuana

In the October issue of Uncut, Ryan Adams talks about how medical weed and edibles turned his health around and reignited his guitar playing.

Willie Vapes!

In the November edition of Uncut (a British mag dedicated to music, books, and film) Willie Nelson says when it comes to smoking marijuana these days, he prefers the vaporizer. Uncut has a monthly feature titled, An Audience With..., where fellow artists and subscribers ask questions of the subject.

Outed: Celebrities and Marijuana

Colorado is quickly becoming the Napa Valley of marijuana. Still, the nation hasn't quite broken out in Journey's, "Open Arms" for weed...yet. Read on for celebrities who have endorsed the magical plant.

America’s Next Great Holiday: 420

A walk down Colfax, through Capitol Hill and toward Civic Center Park, is on any day, interesting to say the least. This has been my neighborhood my entire life, so sometimes I’m guilty of taking it for granted, failing to appreciate its personality, its resident characters, its sketchiness and its distinctiveness (it's just not the same since the city shut down the 7-11 on 13th and Pennsylvania though...).

A Mile High View of the Lone Star State

Five years ago, if you would have told me that I would leave my comfy Colorado mountain home to live in the lone star state, I would of said, “Pssh, you’re high!” Well, I am now a resident of Texas and you’re still high.

You Know How I Know You’re a Stoner ?

We know you're a stoner...here's why.

Smoke Bob Marley in 2015…new releases coming too!

'Make way for the positive day.'" That's what Bob used to say and soon you might be able to do it with a blend bearing his name. Marley's widow Rita Marley and children Cedella and Rohan have teamed up with Privateer Holdings, a private equity group specializing in the legal marijuana market, to exclusively mass-produce "heirloom Jamaican cannabis strains", the same kind he smoked himself.
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