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Launched with the legalization of cannabis in Colorado in January of 2014, WeedStream is still the one and only entertainment platform providing advertising and marketing solutions to businesses that target the legalized marijuana community.  With federal restrictions that forbid cannabis products to advertise on broadcast television and radio, WeedStream TV and WeedStream Radio are pioneers in a new sector targeting highly desirable consumers.  Here’s how your business can benefit from sponsorships on WeedStream:



   WeedStream TV

WeedStream TV provides compelling video content from inside the scene and serves as a peephole for all of Colorado and the rest of the world to witness a fascinating new culture. WeedStream TV channels include:  WeedStream Lounge performances, Events, Homegrown Artist Sessions and Sponsor Profiles.  Whether your marketing strategy includes a fully produced business themed series, embedded entertainment events, short or long formats, our state-of-the art film and post production team ensures that even the most creative and ambitious projects exceed your expectations.



   WeedStream Radio

WeedStream Radio is a one of kind indie rock online radio station that invites listeners on a journey of deep music discovery and content between the songs that can only be heard on WeedStream. The hand curated, custom-produced, 24/7/365 WeedStream Radio is available on a variety of platforms, services and apps including the TuneIn, iHeart Radio and Live365 mobile apps. It serves as an interactive and innovative source for music, live performances, special events, and marijuana information – the soundtrack for the cannabis community.



   WeedStream Events

WeedStream events, parties, promotional engagements and concerts are what really get people’s attention. WeedStream can co-produce or plan, organize and execute all types of original events for any occasion (festivals, music events, grand openings, remote events, trips, holiday celebrations, etc.). Event marketing is the fastest growing sector in advertising today, and WeedStream possesses the critical experience to put you face to face with your target consumers.



   The WeedStreamer Promotional Vehicle

The WeedStreamer is a mobile entertainment center – a customized Airstream trailer – artfully decorated and featuring state of the art audio and video systems.  The WeedStreamer promotion vehicle is a natural crowd attraction wherever it is featured. Sponsored by Edipure and CMT Laboratories, the WeedStreamer opens the doors to a variety of exciting on-site opportunities: live events from your business, VIP promotional events, live music, marijuana product-testing, contests and experiential marketing events that generate memorable results.

Check out our sponsor WeedStreamer video.


   WeedStream Digital

WeedStream’s digital offerings include our home base at WeedStream.net, and a Social Stash that includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo. Our dedication and adherence to constant communication of information, actions, policy, events and promotions surrounding the industry provides a highly responsive community that is actively engaged with all things WeedStream. “The Chronical” is WeedStream’s e-newsletter available for sponsorship.  Social is completely customizable and supports all of your marketing needs.


Please contact business@WeedStream.net to start a conversation.






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